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When a little unicorn-bard named Lily arrives in the struggling mountain kingdom of Stepp from Unicorn Valley, no one is sure what to make of her. She's too small, too cute... and she's half blind! Could she possibly make a difference? But Lily is also magical--and very determined.

(Braille) Lily the Blind Unicorn

    • This is the BRAILLE version of Lily the Blind Unicorn and includes front and back Braille text over full-color illustrations 
    • Can be read by non, partially, and fully sighted people
    • Language: English
    • Soft cover, 8"x11", 36 pages of story (40 pages total)
    • Comes with a free Bandcamp link to the accessible creative audio adaptation of the book
    • Free descriptive audio CD of the book available upon request
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